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There will be some changes to our classes in line with the Government’s guidelines on Health and Safety. This is to protect our workers and the participants in the workshops.

Please take time to read our COVID Policies and Procedures.

Before entry to St. Albans


Come dressed in your workshop wear as there will be no changing area available. The space will be well ventilated so please bring a jumper.


Bring enough water for the whole of the workshop. You will not be able to refill your water bottles in the space.


Please bring a bag to keep all your belongings in one place.


If possible, try not to use Public Transport.

Please make sure you have come to the right class. There will be a strict limit on number of participants per class and you will not be able to change classes.


Only book the workshops you have experience in, as there will be no spotting in the workshops.

Entering St. Albans


Please be aware that there will be an Entry point and a separate Exit point.


Please do not enter before the start of the workshop, as we will be cleaning and preparing the space for you.


Please leave loved ones at the door; only workshop participants will be allowed into the space.


Please use the hand sanitizer at the entry point.


Please do not hug, kiss, high five or shake hands with fellow participants or And Circus staff. We know it’s been a long time but please maintain Social Distancing rules.

In the And Circus workshop


All equipment, mats and touch points will have been cleaned before you enter.


There will be no spotting in the workshops so if you are unsure about using a piece of equipment please ask.


Only touch the equipment you are going to use for that workshop.


All doors and most of the windows will be open to increased ventilation.


Maintain Social Distancing at all times


All And Circus staff will be wearing a face covering. We do not expect participants, who are participating in a high energy workshop, to wear a mask due to difficulties with breathing but they can if they want to.


We ask you not to use mobile phone in the workshops.

At the end of the workshop


Please make sure you have all of your belongings before you leave.


Please use the hand sanitizer at the exit point.


Please wipe down any equipment or mats you have used at the end of the workshop as well as anything you have touched.

After the workshop


Please inform And Circus if you or any of your family have developed COVID like symptoms, in line with the Track and Trace protocols.


And Circus will inform you if any other participant has developed COVID like symptoms in line with the Track and Trace protocols

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